Mar 27, 2015

NEWS: Sub Hub Reveal First Week Of Events

Tonight marks the start of Sub Club’s Sub Hub venture, a month long period of workshops, conversation, parties and hangout taking place in a loft space above Glasgow’s iconic Style Mile on Buchanan St. With excitement building, we can now reveal some of the planned events, including details of tonight’s opening party.

Kicking off at 6 tonight, you’ll find Sub Club favourites Harri & Domenic, Sensu, Stay Fresh and Thunder Disco Club alongside some very special guests, while there will also be a cinema room and creative art exhibition to explore. Food will be provided by Devil’s Deli and No Way Back, with the afterparty set to take place at the Subbie itself.

Then, on Saturday evening we’re in for a treat, as globally respected DJ and producer, Andrew Weatherall, drops by for chat to talk music, industry and everything else that makes him one of the most interesting people in dance music today.

Provided you’re not suffering from Saturday night excess, Sunday afternoon finds Red Bull Music Academy (who descend on the city this weekend for their own series of special events) host RBMA Radio with some of Glasgow’s finest local talent, including Optimo, Nightwave, Inkke, S-Type and MermaidS. Then, later in the evening, pioneering techno DJ, Derrick May, will be in town for a conversation and screening with Stuart Cosgrove, who wrote an important article for FACE titled ‘Seventh City Techno’ in which he spent time with Derrick May in his hometown of Detroit.

Events lined up for next week include The Revenge debut album launch and live show with an intimate performance and Q&A, an evening with George Fitzgerald in which he talks us through his record collection, a production workshop with local heroes aliOOFT! and Rob Etherson from Mia Dora and an all day, all ages Easter Sunday loft party with Night of the Jaguar.

Almost all Sub Hub events are free and it’s advised you sign up to the Sub Hub mailing list to stay informed of details – signing up is also necessary for entry to tonight’s opening party. Entry to Sub Hub is also based on a first come, first serve basis, so arrive early. More info on all the events can be found at the Sub Hub Facebook page.

Sub Hub on Facebook
Sub Club Website

Mar 26, 2015

FEATURE: The Revenge – Love That Will Not Die
WORDS: Alex Caslano

From the eye-popping sleeves which adorn his releases to the relentless tour schedule which has seen him travel the world, Graeme Clark aka The Revenge is someone who rarely takes a break. His love for music and attention to detail has made him into a globally renowned producer, DJ and label owner, but in 2012 he found that his passion was also getting the best of him. “I’d become quite ill around the summer of 2012 from late nights, raving and the general lifestyle of being on the road” he tells us from his base in Glasgow. “I needed a change on many levels. I switched my personal Facebook off, changed my email address, moved the studio around and started eating better! It felt like a real physical and mental spring clean and allowed me the perspective to start something new with vigour.”

It was this change that would inspire ‘Love That Will Not Die’, Graeme’s long-awaited debut album which is due for release next week. With a back catalogue of EPs, remixes and collaborations to his name, not to mention his own label Roar Groove and work with Craig Smith as the 6th Borough Project, its release comes as an important milestone in Graeme’s career. Taking time out to experiment, connect and generally shake up the way he works, it was clear that he’d ignited something special. “A key step was to move the studio around so that I needed to stand up to use the equipment” continues Graeme. “After I’d created a mental and physical space for ideas to form, the floodgates opened; I had around 200 new ideas for tracks that formed the initial shortlist for the album.”

Developing these ideas into songs and riding the creative wave provided the basis for ‘Love That Will Not Die’, his most exciting work to date. Featuring 14 tracks, it’s an album of groove, soul and rhythm, the perfect snapshot of a producer who is inspired. From the shimmering beauty of ‘The Seed’ to the tribal percussion of ‘Night Fever’ and a golden collaboration with Sister Sledge, it’s the sound of Graeme in his absolute element and a love for music that will not die.

Check out The Revenge playing a pivotal live performance at Sub Club NYE, as well as two album tracks, ‘Another Light’ and ‘Fever’:

You can also read the full interview with Graeme below in which he talks in depth about the personal and creative process which inspired ‘Love That Will Not Die’, working with Sister Sledge and some exciting news for the future:

SG: You’ve been releasing music for some 15 years, and have of course written two albums as the 6th Borough Project with Craig Smith; why did you feel it was the right time to release an album as The Revenge?

The Revenge: When I finished my last label, Instruments Of Rapture, I’d already planned to start something new. I’d been doing so many remixes for other labels and touring non-stop for 4 or 5 years so I just felt that I needed to step back and free up some time for playing around in the studio. I’d become quite ill around the summer of 2012 from the late nights, raving and the general lifestyle of being on the road, so I needed a change on many levels. I switched my personal Facebook off, changed my email address, moved the studio around and started eating better! It felt like a real physical and mental spring clean and allowed me the perspective to start something new with vigour.

I decided to do one live show in Glasgow to see if I still had the appetite for live performance. I’d played live many years before, but had put it to one side as the DJ’ing took over. I did the show at Sub Club to coincide with the Queen’s Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend and to signal the end of Instruments Of Rapture. It was just a massive jam session on stage really with me and my mate Paul. I took out almost all of the studio equipment and just improvised some of the new ideas I’d been working on - that was the point when I realised there could be a connection between the studio and the stage. The idea of the two environments feeding each other was an important step in forming the sound that would be the basis for Roar Groove. A key step was to move the studio around so that I needed to stand up to use the equipment; I perform and DJ standing up so why do I produce sitting down? Little changes made a big difference. I started Roar Groove really just to put out some 12”s, but as time went on it became clear to me that there was a connection in the sound and that there could be an album there.

SG: It seems like the last five years have been the most prolific in your career to date, with the launch of Roar Groove and some really well received EPs; did you have a sense of confidence approaching this album?

The Revenge: I was confident that I’d found a thread that connected a lot of the ideas I’d been working on. After I’d created a mental and physical space for those ideas to form, the floodgates opened. I had around 200 new ideas for tracks that formed the initial shortlist for the album; I was fairly brutal with the selection and whittled it down quickly to around 25. I started to work on those tracks until I felt happy with their arrangement and sound-wise, and that’s when the album started to take shape. I wanted the album to be consistent across the formats, so it was important to have something that felt cohesive and flowed well on vinyl or CD.

SG: Roar Groove seemed to have been an important part of this process; what inspired you to pursue this raw, organic style and how did that lead into ‘Love That Will Not Die’?

The Revenge: I needed to blow away the cobwebs of years sitting at the computer making music. I felt shackled. Not just with music; with emails, social media and design stuff. It was a case of stripping everything back to have a clear canvas to paint on. Realising the live and studio domains could be symbiotic was key to that. I wanted to paint with a palette that I could use in the studio and could be transposed to the stage. That meant putting some restrictions on the number of elements in tracks and keeping things quite simple and direct. Although my love for music wasn’t dead, it was stifled by all the stuff around me; by going back to basics it helped me find a path to expressing myself for me - and not for anybody else.

SG: One of the first teasers of the album was news of a Sister Sledge collaboration which got us pretty excited. How did the hook-up come about? Did they hit you up first?

The Revenge: A tweet popped up from them one day last year saying that they liked a rework of them I did a few years back. I got back to them and asked if they were up for a collab on my album and it all went from there. They were totally cool and down to earth - we ended up in a studio in London for an afternoon just jamming on an instrumental I’d done. They’re working on some new stuff so hopefully I’ll be involved with something there.

SG: The vocals they delivered on ‘Stay A While’ are both as lush and soulful as you’d expect; what were they like to work with in the studio? Did they help shape the direction of the track? And were you nervous?

The Revenge: Hearing them singing in the studio was a very special thing. It just hits you how much you’ve heard those voices over the years, but it doesn’t prepare you for hearing them in the studio. I was nervous at first, but they quickly put me at ease. They were just so chilled and totally professional. I had the instrumental already and they came in with an idea for the vocal arrangement; then they just riffed on that idea. I’ve got so many extra bits from the session which I’ve been jamming with in the live sets.

SG: We talked about the rawness of your sound and how the live element feeds into that; how heavily has hardware influenced this project?

The Revenge: I think it’s more about the process; I’ve always strived to make the technology as invisible as possible in creating music. It’s vital for me to have a setup where I can capture an idea quickly and then work on it from there. My hardware setup became a lot more focussed quite naturally during the recording process. I used the Moog Voyager, Juno 106, TR 909, Waldorf XT and Vermona Filter in the main, and built the majority of tracks using these as the core setup. I think the hardware generally facilitates the idea, but there were occasions when I would be jamming with a piece of equipment and the track was inspired by that. For instance, the title track was started on the 909 and grew from there.

SG: You debuted your live show at the Sub Club on NYE alongside Chez Damier and of course Harri & Domenic; what was it like performing the album on such a momentous occasion and in the Subbie? And what was the reaction like on the dancefloor?

The Revenge: It’s my favourite club on the planet so when the opportunity came to test out some of the album stuff on the biggest night of the year it was a no-brainer. Harri, Domenic and Chez have been heroes of mine for many years so there was of course some nerves, but that’s the great thing about the live stuff - it’s a tightrope but such a unique feeling when it goes well. I’m never satisfied with my performance - there’s always something I think should have been done better, but we got a great reaction on the night so I packed up the equipment and got wasted!

SG: The album drops next week which you must be looking forward to immensely; what have you got planned around the release date and the months that follow? Are you thinking much about what comes next?

The Revenge: I’m just rehearsing for some more upcoming shows at the moment and finishing the package of live dubs for the album that’ll be out in May. There’s also an ambient cassette version of the album that’ll drop on the summer solstice this year, so that needs finished ASAP. Then it’s onto the next 6th Borough Project album which will be out next spring. Probably some other stuff too, but my brain is like custard at the moment so I’m just doing things as I remember them! Usual story.

The Revenge ‘Love That Will Not Die’ is available March 30th via Roar Groove. Catch him live and in conversation for the release launch party at Sub Hub Glasgow on April 2nd.

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Mar 25, 2015

NEWS: Hudson Mohawke Shares ‘Very First Breath’ From New Album

After unveiling the trailer for ‘Green Lantern’ earlier this month, Hudson Mohawke has shared the first music from his new album with a track called ‘Very First Breath’. Featured as Annie Mac’s ‘Hottest Record In The World’ last night on her Radio 1 show, it features French vocalist Irfane and has already racked up nearly 60,000 plays on Soundcloud.

Beginning with a ghostly ambience before the introduction of crisp chords and maximalist drums, ‘Very First Breath’ offers all the energy we’ve come to expect from a Hudson Mohawke production, while Irfane vocal rides the wave with a passionate vocal. Hudmo also headlined his own showcase at SXSW last night where he played a typically euphoric set to a sold out and sweaty crowd.

Hudson Mohawke’s new album ‘Green Lantern’ is available June 15th via Warp.

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Mar 24, 2015

FEATURE: Catching Up With Konx-om-Pax
WORDS: Alex Caslano

He’s the man behind some of dance music’s most stimulating graphics and he's been commissioned by labels ranging from LuckyMe to Hyperdub. Going under his Konx-om-Pax moniker, Glasgow's Tom Scholefield has produced animations for artists such as Martyn, Hudson Mohawke and Jamie Lidell, his inimitable style attracting attention from around the world. For the past year, however, he’s been working closely with another of electronic music’s most exciting artists, Matt Cutler, also known as Lone.

Having designed the sleeve for Lone’s fourth album, ‘Galaxy Garden’, the pair hooked up again for last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Reality Testing’. “I met Matt at Warp20 down in Sheffield when I was doing visuals for Hudson Mohawke, and then again at a Glasgow show he was doing” recalls Tom. “According to him I was a bit pissed and he asked if I could do his next album sleeve because he was into my stuff.” With Tom’s visuals acting as the perfect compliment to Lone’s music and vice versa, the resulting artwork would eventually lead to an astonishing A/V show which the pair have taken to dizzying heights. “We get on really well and the working relationship is easy; he normally instantly likes anything I send him which is handy!” Premiering a new version of the show next week at the Art School in preparation for an upcoming North American Tour, we were keen to hear more about its development:

“His music and vibe has been ingrained in my head so long now that it’s quite a straight forward process because we have such a similar taste in music and art” Tom tells us. “Matt had the concept for the ‘Reality Testing’ artwork so I just followed his instructions and it was probably the quickest thing I’ve stuck together for him.” Tom may be quite matter-of-fact about it, but check out the pair’s Boiler Room session from Moscow (or ideally go to one of their shows) and you’ll find a truly inspired and cohesive experience, with Tom’s liquid visuals warping in time with the music, taking you on a mind-bending journey. “It’s always been a work in progress; seeing what stuff works in a club environment is so different from the studio” offers Tom. “(The new version) is just gonna be way more refined and high impact.” Away from the visual side of things, Tom also produces music under the Konx-om-Pax moniker with 2012’s ‘Regional Surrealism’ well worth checking out. “I’ve got a new album coming out on Planet Mu at the end of the summer hopefully; it’s the best thing I've ever done.” Time to get excited.

Check out Lone’s live A/V set with Konx-om-Pax below:

Lone and Konx-om-Pax present their new A/V show at the Art School on April 3rd. Tickets are available in advance from Resident Advisor at an early bird price of £5. ‘Reality Testing’ is out now via R&S.

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Mar 24, 2015

MIX: Illyus & Barrientos – Annie Mac Minimix

Described as a “future classic” by the lady herself, Illyus & Barrientos delivered their first minimix for Annie Mac's Radio 1 show on Friday night, and it’s up there with the best we’ve heard. Having previously hosted everyone from Eats Everything to MK, the coveted feature is one of dance music’s prized invitations, where DJs get to flex their musical muscles in a five minute mega mash-up.

With Annie showing love for the duo’s recent ‘Need Me’ EP on Glasgow Underground as well as remixes of Kokiri and Lovebirds, Illyus & Barrientos are fast becoming show favourites, something which seems to be spreading throughout the Radio 1 dance fraternity. In their minimix you’ll hear a broad range of influences and current favourites, ranging from RnB classics to garage bangers and hip-house jams.

Listen to and download the minimix below (tracklisting here):

The Illyus & Barrientos remix of Alex Adair ‘Make Me Feel Better’ is out now. Catch them in the afterhours mix for Pete Tong this Friday night.

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